Psychopath’s Cabin 1.0

Download Psychopath’s Cabin Here

What this mod does is renovate the Abandoned Shack where you first meet Astrid into a player home for the most twisted, demented, and murderous psychopath/vampire/necromancer/cannibal etc…

Note: To gain entry you have to start the Dark Brotherhood quest by killing Grelod for Aventus Arentino in Windhelm just as you normally would. Traveling to it without doing the quest will do you no good, the door will be locked and unpickable.


– Alchemy Workstation
– Enchanting Workstation
– Smithing Anvil
– Tanning Rack
– Woodcutting Block with creepy shadow!
– Sharpening Stone with creepy shadow!
– Two functioning bookshelves with creepy bookends.
– Multiple safe containers.
– Bed
– Iron mine with trapdoor underneath the bed.
– Smelter in the iron mine.

–Known Bugs–

-The Enchanting Workstation has a slight visual bug due to resizing issues to accommodate limited space.
This bug does not affect gameplay.

Updates will be pushed semi-regularly to the Nexus page for this mod. Once it is complete, a full version will be released on the Nexus and for the remastered version of Skyrim for PC and consoles.


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