Free Time! – Blocking Gauntlets

I have some time tomorrow that I am planning on devoting to learning how to import and edit meshes in 3dsMax. This will help to expedite my work on Fortified Blocking Gauntlets. I am very familiar with Blender, but I just recently got a 3dsMax educational usage license. If anyone that happens to see this …

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Skyrim: Special Edition – 15 Min CTD Fix

October 22, 2017 Post Update! Skyrim has started crashing every 15 minutes again after my last update. I will try to figure out what has changed and post an updated guide. I installed Skyrim: Special Edition on my computer last night and was greeted with a terrible problem... EVERY 15 MINUTES IT CRASHED! I became …

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Fortified Blocking Gauntlets – Beta Release!

I have just uploaded a new version of Fortified Blocking Gauntlets to the Nexus! The Beta version adds the ability to craft most of the gauntlets in-game via the forge. Crafting recipes can be found here on the project page: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets To Download the file, head on over to: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets on …

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