Imperial Sniper Armor

Imperial Sniper Armor is coming soon to the Nexus (and possibly other platforms). This armor is the same as Light Imperial (Chain Variant) except darker. It is perfect for a Dark Brotherhood assassin infiltrating the ranks of the Legion to assassinate an emperor... or just an actual Legion Sniper. Alpha Version: The armor will be …

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More Retexturing

Here's a preview of guard armor made of Ebony. Not sure how the purple really works for it, but I think it looks alright. Edit: I just had a better idea! Snowbear pelt instead of cloth! Stay tuned for another screenshot!!!

Blocking Gauntlet Beta Location Guide

Blades Gauntlet Locations Two Blades Gauntlets are at Skyhaven Temple in the left armory room on a table. One Blades gauntlet at the Sleeping Giant Inn in the secret room on a shelf. Dark Brotherhood Gauntlet Locations One enchanted and one unenchanted Dark Brotherhood set in the Dawnstar Sanctuary near the entrance to the left. …

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Fortified Blocking Gauntlets – Beta Release!

I have just uploaded a new version of Fortified Blocking Gauntlets to the Nexus! The Beta version adds the ability to craft most of the gauntlets in-game via the forge. Crafting recipes can be found here on the project page: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets To Download the file, head on over to: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets on …

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