Recent News: Blocking Gauntlets

The Blocking Gauntlets mod is in active development again. I am working on retexturing them giving the gauntlets unique textures to set them apart from the standard variety. I will also be adding the gauntlets to the armor crafting menu.


Khajiit Pit Fighter (Unarmed Build)

Born into slavery and bred for fighting; this Khajiit literally clawed his way to the top tier of the underground fighting circuit before he escaped his bloody servitude and headed towards freedom in the war-torn chaos of Skyrim. The Pit Fighter developed his skills with Heavy Armor and Shield usage to survive his captivity. He …

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Blocking Gauntlet Beta Location Guide

Blades Gauntlet Locations Two Blades Gauntlets are at Skyhaven Temple in the left armory room on a table. One Blades gauntlet at the Sleeping Giant Inn in the secret room on a shelf. Dark Brotherhood Gauntlet Locations One enchanted and one unenchanted Dark Brotherhood set in the Dawnstar Sanctuary near the entrance to the left. …

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Fortified Blocking Gauntlets – Beta Release!

I have just uploaded a new version of Fortified Blocking Gauntlets to the Nexus! The Beta version adds the ability to craft most of the gauntlets in-game via the forge. Crafting recipes can be found here on the project page: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets To Download the file, head on over to: Fortified Blocking Gauntlets on …

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