Skyrim: Special Edition – 15 Min CTD Fix

October 22, 2017 Post Update!

Skyrim has started crashing every 15 minutes again after my last update. I will try to figure out what has changed and post an updated guide.

I installed Skyrim: Special Edition on my computer last night and was greeted with a terrible problem… EVERY 15 MINUTES IT CRASHED!

I became very irate and rage quit because after all the wait, hype, and excitement of a 64bit Skyrim I was quite disappointed about not being able to play. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that it was free; it’s just that if someone comes up to you with a box telling you there is chocolate inside and you can have it but when you open it find there is poop inside the box, you get pissed despite the fact that it is free poop.

Alright, enough about my rant. Here’s the fix:

I this morning I remembered back when I first upgraded to Windows 10 that I had issues with Skyrim’s Creation Kit crashing. This was due to audio being enabled in the editor’s ini file and there being a conflict of some sort. This gave me a starting point for my newest Skyrim hurdle to overcome.

After doing some research and checking crash logs, I discovered that a file called XAudio2_7.dll was in conflict with tabtip.exe (Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel).

I entered Task Manager (Ctrl, Shift, Esc) and halted the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel process. This corrected the problem and I haven’t had a CTD since.

I am hoping that by writing this, this can help someone out.

(A more permanent fix method!)

If you just can’t be bothered to end task tabtip.exe every time you want to run Skyrim:Special Edition, just stop it from running in the first place.

Step 1

Open your start menu and search for “run”. Then run run… (Hahaha. Alright, that was dumb.)


Step 2

Inside the run window, type in “services.msc” and click “OK”.


Step 3

Find “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service” on the list.


Step 4

Right Click on it and click “Properties”.


Step 5

In “Startup type:” under the “General” tab, select “Disabled”.


Step 6

Click “Apply” and then “OK”.



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