Creation Kit + Win 10 = Bleh!

After reinstalling Skyrim and the Creation Kit twice, I suddenly realized what changed. I upgraded to Windows 10. Now if you know me, you know that I am an avid supporter of Linux and only use Windows for compatibility if I absolutely cannot get software to run under Linux (which is very rare). Anyways, i figure that it is the doing of evil Microsoft so I am trying  everything I can to fix this issue. I will be posting my success and failures in hopes that it will help others.

Try # 1

I tried running the Creation Kit in Windows 7 compatibility.



Try # 2

I tried running the creation kit as an administrator.




Try # 3

After a little bit of searching, I found that a denizen of the Nexus Forums that goes by the name mysticentity had suggested setting bEnableAudio to 0 instead of 1.

I found the fix here:
Creation Kit Fix

It seems to be working so far…

Creation Kit has been running for 2 hours now and no hiccups!



Here’s what to do to fix it! In under the [Audio] section in SkyrimEditor.ini set bEnableAudio=0. That’s it! Hope this helps someone else!

Now, back to modding!


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