Future Mod Project – TES VI: Demiplanes

Fighting through the rigors of reinstalling Skyrim and the Creation Kit, I was reminded of a idea I had long long ago for a mod. This mod was to be called “Demiplanes”. It was an idea for creating a pocket dimension home for the player.

I don’t have enough time to work on it as of now, so I am going to be planning a release for the next Elder Scrolls installment whenever it comes out. This will give me ample time to flesh out the graphical end as well as rough in Papyrus scripts for a quick debugging and release cycle when the next game is released.

Note: This is an “if” and it is a big one at that.If by chance, I get a large amount of time on my hands, I may release a WIP Alpha and maybe a Beta for Skyrim. This, however, remains to be seen.


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