Fortified Blocking Gauntlets – Crafting

My next goal for this mod is to add crafting to the mix. The recipes for crafting the gauntlets will actually function as upgrades that are craftable at a forge. I have not decided on what the exact recipes will be, but it will be something like this:

Fortified Elven Gauntlets

  • 1 x Elven Gauntlets
  • 2 x Moonstone
  • 2 x Leather Straps


Timetable for this feature to be added:

  • Unknown (See below.)

Unfortunately my Creation Kit has become unstable as of late and crashes after a short time of running. Best case scenario is I will most likely  have to reinstall it, worst case is a full reinstall of Skyrim 😦
This may take a while to do because of time constraints due to responsibilities that I have IRL. This will most likely be fixed by next weekend and maybe I will have some recipes added by then.


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